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So, you're out of prison… Now what?

Life as an ex-offender can be a difficult journey. Maybe this will work for you. Our country has millions of people labeled "unemployable". After putting their lives back in order, many of these people deserve a second chance - a chance to become proud and productive taxpayers. America in Recovery has been helping those with criminal backgrounds to find jobs for over eight years! After being imprisoned, freedom is sweeter than ever. You have served time for bad decisions and have re-entered the world with a sense of responsibility - your punishment is over, your debt to society is paid. You are ready to begin again with a clean slate, determined to do things right this time, to conduct a new life with honesty and integrity. When a person is released from prison or jail, he or she begins the seemingly insurmountable task of re-building his or her life. Unfortunately, this new beginning may be hindered because no matter how hard you try, your criminal record may prevent employers from hiring you. Do you tell the truth about your past and get turned away, or lie about your past only to be fired when they find out? How can you be expected to become a productive member of society if you can't find an honest job? If you identify with these problems and have skills in a trade or profession, this website may help you. If you are ready to live an honest life but have difficulty finding a job because of your track record, America in Recovery may help. If you have been in prison and are now in a good place, there may be a company here that will give you a chance.

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