America in Recovery

Our founder, Larry Keast, discovered the advantage of hiring "America's unemployables" after hiring a recovering addict and ex-convict. Soon Keast began hiring other recovering substance abusers, some with criminal records, to work at Venturetech, his oilfield equipment manufacturing company. He soon found that all his employees, including those without such issues, started getting along better and taking an interest in each other. This proved to be good for the overall morale of Venturetech. After that, Keast began spreading the word among other small business owners and America in Recovery was born.

He founded the 501c3 non-profit and created its free hiring website to connect other like-minded employers to people needing another chance. America in Recovery encourages companies to post jobs. In 2014, we added at-risk high school kids to our mission. We chose high school because this is the time they really decide what path their lives will take. These are the kids that want to break out of their negative surroundings and do something better for themselves. Without money for education, these promising kids are destined to follow the path of drugs and incarceration. These are often the kids of ex-offenders and addicts.

We believe we can change their destinies by helping them get an education. Since we are already helping those who have been down this unfortunate path, we wanted to do something to stop this cycle before it start We are very excited about our new scholarship program and how many lives we will be able to change!

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