America in Recovery

The America in Recovery Rally

Nov  14, 2013

The America in Recovery Rally on November 14th featured Emcee Gina Gaston and author/singer Kinky Friedman. Attending the lunch event was long-time friend and philanthropist, Carolyn Farb, along with 240 other supporters.

Serving as Rally Chairman was Richard Neels, president of EOHI, Inc., which was the underwriter for the first-ever event for the non-profit organization.

America in Recovery raised more than $60,000 to help connect employers with mature people and those who have been released from jail terms or substance abuse treatment facilities.

Photos from the event can be seen at:

Photography compliments of Woodallen Photography

America in Recovery founder and Chairman of the Board Larry Keast with Rally Chair and Board President Richard Neels of EOHI, the underwriter for the event

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