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Michael Bredeson is Determined to Prove Doubters Wrong!

Nov  19, 2014


Michael Bredeson’s own words really define the mission of the growing Houston charity called “America in Recovery”.

“There is an unspoken assumption when it comes to children of single-parent households and also of children of incarcerated parents.

I am both, but I am determined to prove these doubters wrong.”

Michael is a senior at Dickinson High School. He has grown up with a single mother and a father in prison. Money is tight. Now he has a chance to fulfill his dreams of going to college for Computer Engineering.

Michael is one of four Houston area at-risk high school kids being awarded scholarships to the colleges of their choice by America in Recovery.

The scholarship checks will be presented at a special dinner Thursday night, November 20th.  Harris County Judge Ed Emmett will start the ceremony and “Mattress Mack” will be our keynote speaker.  Houston’s most famous restaurateur Tillman Fertitta is a financial supporter.

They believe in a “second chance”. Do you?

Michael’s scholarship application essay speaks volumes.

“Many assume that children who come from these home environments do not have a chance at having a successful future”, Michael writes.” “ I intend to be the first in my family to get a college degree”.

Dickinson High School counselor Haley Jackson told us how hard Michael works.

“He may not be the top GPA or the star football player” Jackson says, “but he has on a day to day basis given his classes his best effort. He has found his calling in the computer science field.”

America in Recovery was founded to provide second chances to ex-offenders. These are the first scholarships being awarded to at risk kids so they won’t need a second chance.

“ Government isn’t the answer, says charity founder Larry Keast, “business and the private sector needs to step up. We want these kids to be successful and not become bad statistics”.

American in Recovery wants your help to make more dreams come true. Contact Executive Director Judith Cushman Dubose at 832-652-8003 or visit our website at to find out how you can help make more dreams come true.

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