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America in Recovery Expands in 2014 to Help America’s At-Risk Kids

We believe jobs are the key to a successful life. Make a difference by helping our high school youth continue their education and by putting our ex-convicts back to work!

Our mission is two-fold:

1) For at-risk high school kids – we award scholarships for their education toward a good career.

Most at-risk young people are trapped in a negative environment, and most never get out. They just continue the cycle of drugs, violence and incarceration. We find the kids that want to break out, get an education and a good job, and change their life. These are the kids that can be motivated, and when we provide scholarship money for school, they can break out of this cycle and become proud and productive taxpayers. We qualify these students based on teacher, counselor and mentor referrals, and we require that the donated money goes directly to the school.

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2) For ex-convicts – we host a free hiring website that encourages businesses to hire those who deserve a second chance, because otherwise they will return to a life of crime and incarceration.

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